More on business consulting

Are you are ready to launch your new business venture? Have you considered everything you need to do to establish your relationships with the government agencies who will want you to share your company’s good fortune with them in the form of taxes, licenses, and fees? Do you know where to go to contact them and how to go about getting the approvals and accounts you need? Overlooking any of these agencies can have nasty effects.

A new entrepreneur is absorbed by the need to get the nuts and bolts of the business up and running, and may overlook some of these agency requirements only to discover that penalties and interest can be imposed when the necessary forms are not filed. Your newly registered company can even be dissolved if you fail to file the necessary provincial paperwork each year.  Our company is ready to assist you in setting up all of the needed federal, provincial, and municipal accounts you will need to run your company without the frustrations of seized bank accounts, dissolved corporations, or licensing fines. The services we offer can include the actual incorporation process, which can be done without the expense of a lawyer or accountant. The process includes consulting with you on how to organize your business entity, determining share structures, working with Alberta registry to develop and deliver the necessary documents, and establishing your company records to satisfy legal requirements and establish a solid basis for your company’s future.

We can work with you to set up regular monitoring of your business to keep up with those issues that don’t make you any money and therefore get pushed into the background, sometimes until you get an unpleasant surprise. It is important to organize your books and records to facilitate the monitoring system and the financial health checks, and we will discuss various methods that will best suit your company’s needs.