Personal tax

Personal income taxes require careful assembly of documents, detailed organization, and clear understanding of a client’s tax situation. Rigorous verification and review must also form part of the process. Filing your personal taxes on time and accurately can save you money through avoiding penalties and late fees, and ensure that you are taking advantage of tax deductions and government programs that are only available when you file your returns.

The electronic file sent to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) does not include copies of the forms and slips that are used to create the return. The process of assessing and reviewing your income tax return is done over a period of many months. Often, CRA will request that claims be shown to be valid by providing copies of the supporting documents, such as donation receipts or medical receipts.

Insight Analysis uses up-to-date tax preparation software that includes an electronic document storage system. Documents and slips that you provide are stored here, so that they can be sent to CRA through their Submit Documents function on their website in response to their requests.  This can be done seamlessly by Insight when you authorise us to act as your representative.