2022 Personal tax checklist

17 Feb    Insight blog

Here is a checklist for you to use to figure out what documents you need to send to complete your 2022 T1 tax return.  Note that if you have already authorised Insight Analysis to represent you, we will have access to many of the most common slips like T4, T5, RRSP contributions, and others that are filed with the CRA.  If you have recently made a contribution to a RRSP that receipt does not have to be filed by the issuer until April 15, so we may need you to provide a copy of that receipt if you want your tax return completed earlier.  We can also provide you with information on your RRSP and TFSA contribution room prior to March 01, 2023 (the deadline for RRSP contributions for 2022).

Download the 2022 -Tax-checklist

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