Business taxes

Taxes are a fundamental fact of doing business in Canada. Goods and services tax, corporate or business taxes both federal and provincial  require careful assembly of documents, detailed organization, and clear understanding of a client’s tax situation. Rigorous verification and review must also form part of the process. Filing your business taxes on time and accurately can save you money through avoiding penalties and late fees.  Using the experience of Insight will sure that deadlines are met and your returns will be correct and complete.

Non-corporate business-based taxes are calculated in the T1 General personal income tax return, while Corporations are required to use T2 business tax returns.  All business tax returns are best prepared based on the bookkeeping and accounting services provided by Insight Analysis.  This minimises costs and increases accuracy due to the ability of Insight to carry over your bookkeeping records into the tax forms. Insight provides clear guidance on what documents and records must be provided by our business customers if they do not use our bookkeeping service.