Increasing your security

30 Nov    Insight blog

Recently a customer had their credit card hacked when trying to book a reservation at an Air-B&B.  Their credit card was subsequently used for a few transactions that they had no knowledge of, and thankfully their bank noted these odd transactions and suspended the card.  No harm done.

But this made us think a little more seriously about security issues, and in particular how Insight Analysis uses email to communicate with customers.  Sometimes, sensitive data that could be used by less scrupulous sorts of people to steal a person’s identity is sent out by email.  Some email systems are secure, while others are open to various forms of hacking and intrusion.

As a result, Insight Analysis has begun to use a secure encryption service called e-Courier to transmit any data that might be used for identity theft that can create so many problems for its victims.  The only cost to our customers is that they need to spend a little more time to retrieve the reports and documents that we send.  A free account is set up for each recipient of our communication that only requires that you make up (another!) password.  e-Courier is a Canadian company and all of their data servers and IT infrastructure is based in Canada.  No exposure to the whims of foreign governments.

Overall, this will make our services safer and better for our customers.  We also get peace of mind because our customers are protected.  If you have any concerns or questions about e-Courier, please have a look at their website or contact Insight Analysis.

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