About us

Establishing and operating a small business presents great challenges. A business is established by people with skill, vision, and purpose whose goal is to provide their services to others in the field in which they enjoy special abilities. They have a passion for the work they offer. But a business needs a strong force in the background to ensure it is healthy, manageable, and financially sound.

Insight Analysis was established in 1998 to do work in the field of forensic intelligence analysis.  Over the years, we were approached more often by small companies to use competitive analysis to help with business decisions.  It became clear that the most important business decisions were financial ones, so we moved into the bookkeeping realm where our analysis and organizational skills would most benefit our customers.

Often that is a source of great frustration to the business owner as their attention and effort is pulled away from their “real work”. Insight offers services to the small business that will allow them to keep focused on the work that creates revenue and gives them satisfaction.

Insight Analysis has had many years of practical experience in diverse aspects of business, from construction to retailing, as well as delivering support services to a range of individuals and companies.  We understand the nature of your business and how to best help you achieve success. The application of our competencies to the services we bring to the small business owner allows Insight Analysis to provide the highest quality products to our clients while helping them execute their most sensitive responsibilities and realise their aspirations.

Training and experience is viewed as an ongoing process. Keeping current with new techniques and applications is a hallmark of our professional service. Insight Analysis has established a high benchmark for its staff. We are certified Quickbooks Desktop and On-line Advisors, and maintain membership in the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada.

Maintaining client confidentiality is critical. Working with information that is considered highly sensitive and that forms a large part of our clients’ commitment to their own customers, demands the highest standards of ethical conduct. The experience and backgrounds of our staff inspires the trust and confidence of our clients. This provides us with the ability to offer our services to you without compromise within an environment of complete data security and business privacy.