More on financial record keeping

A small business owner needs to focus on making the business run – executing marketing plans, engaging with customers, estimating and quoting jobs, hiring and managing staff, collecting money owed by your customers. This is the work that generates your revenue, supports your business, and feeds your family. It is important and very time consuming. You also want to have time to do the work you love – building, designing, selling, teaching…

But can you tell your banker how your business is really doing? Can you be sure you have the financial resources available to take on the next project? Is there going to be money available in the future to expand and strengthen your business? Only if you have up-to-date, accurate, and complete financial records will you be able to answer these critical questions. Being aware of the financial health of your company will also give you the ability to maximize your tax savings.

Insight Analysis provides extensive financial management services to small business, from data entry of those bothersome receipts in the bottom of the “shoebox” to detailed business health reports to allow you to make informed and accurate business decisions. We implement cloud-based tools to capture expenses, store documents, enter and report data, and file returns and reports to satisfy compliance requirements.

We will also manage your complete payroll – employee payments (paper or electronic), monthly source deduction payments, year-end filings including WCB Annual Return, and employee tracking systems to help you understand your employee productivity. We provide paper-based systems or fully electronic payroll that saves you time and costs.